Sisters of Saint Joseph

We, Sisters of Saint Joseph, have a unique relationship with our sponsoreSisters of Saint Josephd works, places founded and supported by our Congregation where our mission of unity directs the philosophy, mission, values -- the very life of each place. These sponsored works respond to educational, health care, social service, spiritual and housing needs in our world today. In these sponsored ministries our lay colleagues partner with us in fostering a spirit of loving God and neighbor without distinction.

Bethlehem Village

Founded in 1984 Bethlehem Village is supported by funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and directed in the spirit and mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The 100 apartments at Bethlehem Village offer housing to seniors living on a limited income.

Saint Joseph Village

Founded in 1998 Saint Joseph Village is a good example of adjusting our sponsored works to respond to current neighborhood needs. An area of the property and part of a building used by Saint Joseph Academy have been renovated to provide 40 apartments for seniors living on a fixed incom.
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Cecilian Village

Founded in 2007 Cecilian Village is a facility of 49 one bedroom units of affordable housing for the elderly located on two plus acres on the historic ground in McSherrytown. Here the residents and staff enjoy the pleasantries of Adams County and the rich tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in the area.